Medical Devices

Know the risks associated with medical devices used in your surgery.

Find the side effects of common medical devices.

Modern advances in medical device technology have allowed millions of people to resume normal lives after a debilitating disease or injury.

Most medical devices are highly advanced, thoroughly tested before introduction to market, and safe for patients. However, some manufacturers have taken shortcuts in design or safety testing which have led to serious injury or death from side effects.

In many cases, patients injured by defective medical devices weren’t warned of the most dangerous side effects by the manufacturer.  

The Medical Device Resource Center at is committed to improving patient safety by providing the latest updates on research, side effects, warnings, recalls and legal action related to medical devices.

Alerts and Recalls

In recent years, alerts or recalls have been issued for several hip implants, contraceptive rings, IUDs and knee implants for potentially severe side effects.  

The fallopian tube implant Essure has received thousands of FDA side effect reports for problems such as severe pain, organ perforation, hair loss, migraines, bleeding, inflammation, ectopic pregnancy or fetal death.

Since 2010, numerous metal hip implant models have been recalled or questioned by experts due to the risk of severe metallic poisoning, bone and tissue death or implant loosening.

Finally, reports suggest the DePuy Attune knee implant may have utilized a design that allows it to loosen from the lower leg, requiring painful revision surgery.

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