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The Essure implant was introduced in 2002 as a revolutionary contraceptive implant device that could provide permanent birth control as an alternative to tubal ligation surgeries. Since that time, it has been used in more than 750,000 patients. 

Unfortunately, reports now show that the device was not properly tested and may cause a number of severe side effects. Further, the manufacturer, Bayer, has been charged with falsely marketing the devices and failing to warn of the risks. 

Although Essure underwent clinical trial testing prior to its release, doctors for the manufacturer ignored complaints from as many as one-third of the participants, or excused those with severe side effects.  

Reports later showed as many as 85% of women who received Essure implants suffered problems. 

Those implanted with Essure have reported side effects including severe pain, organ perforation, hair loss, migraines, excessive menstrual bleeding, allergic reactions, inflammation, ectopic pregnancy or fetal death.  

Many have had to undergo repeat surgeries or hysterectomies as a result. 

In 2016, after receiving nearly 10,000 complaints, the FDA finally ordered new testing of Essure contraceptives. In 2018, they restricted sales of the implants. Now, Bayer has halted sales of Essure, but still has not warned patients about the risks.

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1. How Do You Qualify for an Essure Lawsuit?

Lawyers are now filing lawsuits on behalf of those women who suffered severe complications after receiving an Essure contraceptive implant, based on Bayer’s false marketing of the devices and failure to warn of the risks. 

Those who qualify will have undergone an Essure implant procedure in the United States within a specified time period and experienced side effects that have been associated with the contraceptive. 

Some of the severe side effects named in Essure lawsuits include:

  • Pain
  • Allergic reactions
  • Excessive menstrual bleeding
  • Hair loss
  • Perforated organs
  • Metallic poisoning
  • Migraines
  • Inflammation
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Fetal death
  • Resulting hysterectomy
  • Repeat surgeries

The amount of time you have to file a claim will vary from state to state depending on where you received your implant. Therefore, it’s important to speak with an attorney as soon as possible to find out if you qualify.

2. How much are Essure lawsuits worth?

Your lawyer will file a lawsuit seeking damages based on the severity of your Essure complications. Depending on whether you needed regular and ongoing treatment, hospitalization, or repeat surgeries, these damages may include:

  • Past medical costs
  • Future medical treatment - doctors visits, therapy, rehabilitation or surgeries
  • All lost earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Costs for hiring help
  • Punitive damages if Bayer concealed Essure risks

When added together, these can result in significant amounts. Prior lawsuits against Bayer for birth control side effects have resulted in patients receiving awards well above $100,000. 

It’s important to remember, however, that it costs you nothing to hire a lawyer or file a claim unless you receive compensation. To speak with a lawyer about your case, contact us today.


Due to the number of patients affected by Essure contraceptive implants, cases are being filed in a combined fashion in two different venues in order to expedite the processes of gathering evidence, securing expert witness opinions, preparing for hearings and conducting trials. 

Although these cases aren’t combined as a class action lawsuit, they’re being consolidated in special multidistrict courts that offer greater control and compensation potential for victims than a class action. 

In California, Judge Winifred Smith ordered in 2016 that Essure injury lawsuits be combined into Judicial Council Coordination Proceeding No. 4887, also known as the Essure Product Cases and Coordinated Actions court.  

This court presently contains hundreds of claims from women alleging serious complications from Essure contraceptive implants. 

In July 2018, U.S. Federal Judge John R. Padova of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania ruled that another group of Essure injury lawsuits could proceed in a Philadelphia court. This was over the objection of Bayer, who was fighting to move the claims to federal court where they faced more restrictive laws. 

To find out more about your legal rights, and which venue is best suited for your claim, contact us today to speak with a lawyer.


Reports received by FDA for Essure complications - 26,773
Fetal deaths related to Essure in 2016 study - 303
Assistance is available. Speak with a patient advocate today.

The Timeline

Essure Litigation Update

FDA receives over 27,000 patient complaints

JUL 2018

Pennsylvania federal judge moves group of lawsuits back to Philadelphia court

JUL 2018

Bayer announces it will halt sales of Essure in the U.S.

juL 2018

CNN report finds Bayer paid $2.5 million to doctors from August 2013 through December 2017 to promote Essure

APR 2018

FDA rules patients can only receive Essure after talking with doctor about risks

MAR 2016

California judge rules Essure injury lawsuits can proceed

FEB 2016

Study by data analysis firm Device Events discovers the actual number of Essure fetal death reports are at least 303

FEB 2016

FDA orders new safety testing of Essure

NOV 2015

National Center for Health Research study shows 86% of women with Essure implants have experienced serious complications

MAY 2015

Bayer claims that only 7% of Essure users have experienced pain

apr 2015

Study concludes at least 30% of clinical trial participants had their long-term Essure results ignored.


Bayer purchases Conceptus along with the rights to Essure


Through 2011 FDA only receives 100 complaints from Essure patients


Essure is developed by California-based Conceptus and approved by the FDA.

Choosing an Essure Lawyer

Due to the widespread use of Essure contraceptive implants, lawyers expect thousands of women will eventually file claims once they learn about their legal rights. 

As is the case with most lawsuits for medical device or pharmaceutical drug side effects, these claims are consolidated to specialized courts for expedited handling. 

In addition to the specialized venues in which these lawsuits are handled, the litigation faces opposition from powerful international companies like Bayer, who deny any wrongdoing and continually claim that their products are safe despite mounting evidence. 

Because of the size and unique nature of these cases, it’s important to hire a lawyer with substantial experience in medical device and pharmaceutical injury litigation.  

Our Essure lawyers have handled thousands of similar birth control injury lawsuits against Bayer in the past, and will work tirelessly to ensure you are properly compensated. 

Choosing the right lawyer also means they will offer to come meet with you at home, and try to handle everything in your case without you needing to travel, so that you can focus on recovery. Best of all, it costs you nothing to file a case unless you win.  

Contact us today to speak directly with an Essure lawyer at no cost.

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