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Our mission is to improve safety and patient rights through public awareness.

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What does DrugNews do?

DrugNews is the collective effort of nurses, lawyers and consumer advocates dedicated to providing the public with the latest updates on prescription drugs and medical devices.

Prescription medications are an ever-growing part of our healthcare system, with approximately 70% of Americans using them. Half of us take a prescription drug at least once a month, and 3 out of 4 doctor’s visits now result in a prescription.

But how much do we really know about these products? With over 15,000 drugs on the market, it’s almost impossible to keep up with the latest news, recalls, studies and warnings.

DrugNews provides this information in a free, easy-to-use setting. For those with individual questions, we are available by phone, email or live chat 24 hours a day.

DrugNews also maintains the latest information on drug and medical device lawsuits. If you’ve had severe complications, we can advise of current litigation and connect you with qualified lawyers who’ll investigate your case at no cost.

Learn about the DrugNews team.

DrugNews partners with qualified lawyers and law firms around the country that specialize in catastrophic injury cases from defective drugs, medical devices and other products. Together, they have helped tens of thousands of injured patients learn their rights or file claims against negligent manufacturers.

The lawyers, medical advisors and patient advocates at DrugNews share a common vision – protecting the public and helping those who’ve been hurt by the reckless behavior of large corporations. The drug resource experts at DrugNews seek to improve patient safety through education, while lawyers assist those who’ve already been injured.

We’ve talked to people around the world affected by the hidden risks of prescription drugs and medical devices. We know these aren’t just clients – they’re our mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, children and grandparents.

All of the resources at DrugNews are provided free of charge.

What can our team do for you?

DrugNews routinely draws information from the top health experts like the Food & Drug Administration, American Medical Association, British Medical Journal, New England Journal of Medicine and European Medicines Agency.

This may consist of new studies, patient and doctor advisories, or full-scale recalls. Often, however, this news isn’t disclosed by drug manufacturers or major news outlets.

Also, DrugNews sorts through the latest research to find out whether it was conducted by independent third parties or paid consultants from the drug manufacturers.

Often, the public doesn’t learn about the dangers of a product until lawyers have conducted a thorough investigation as part of ongoing drug injury lawsuits. For this reason, we monitor the latest legal filings, court decisions, jury verdicts and settlements.

There may be compensation available to help with your losses.

If you’ve suffered a serious medical condition while using a prescription drug or medical device, chances are there are others out there with the same problems. And, there may be compensation available to help with your losses.

We’ll put you in touch with a lawyer who can immediately evaluate your case and let you know what rights you have to file a claim. And, DrugNews works only with firms that specialize in complex defective drug and medical device litigation with millions in recoveries for their clients.

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