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New Warning Issued for Stryker Hip Implants

Stryker Orthopedics, a market leader in hip and knee replacement implants, has sold millions of devices in recent decades. However, they have also recalled several of those implants due to serious health risks, with at least four recalls issued since 2009.

This summer, Stryker took the first step toward what many believe may be their latest hip recall when they issued a private letter to doctors warning of risks with their LFit V40 femoral head, which is used on several hip replacement models.

On August 29, 2016, Stryker sent a Product Field Action Notification to physicians warning that the LFit V40 femoral heads may have a higher rate of taper lock failure complications that can cause device separation, fractures and metallic debris.

These femoral heads are used on the following models:

  • LFit V40 femoral heads between 36mm and 44mm
  • Accolade TMZF implants
  • Accolade 2 implants
  • Meridian implants
  • Citation implants

Patients with these defective implants have a greater risk of bone necrosis, metallic poisoning and devices becoming dislocated. They also likely received their implants without any warning of these dangers.

With repeated implant product recalls over the past decade, Stryker has also faced thousands of lawsuits from affected patients. Stemming from their recall of the ABG II and Rejuvenate implants, the company faced nearly 4,500 claims.

In November of 2014, Stryker agreed to pay $1.43 billion to settle pending lawsuits over Rejuvenate and ABG II hips. Lawyers believe the latest warning associated with the LFit, Accolade, Meridian and Citation hips may lead to even more lawsuits.

If you or a loved one received a Stryker Accolade, Meridian or Citation metal hip implant, it’s important to talk with a lawyer about your legal rights.

Contact DrugNews today for more information about Stryker hip recalls or to speak with a lawyer at no cost.



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