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Proof That Your Birth Control IUD Might Only Be 99.9% Effective


Every parent knows how stubborn babies can be when it comes to eating, napping on schedule and the ill-fated timing of those, err blowouts.

But baby Dexter, born last month in Georgia, gave new meaning to the term, launching an all-out assault on his mother’s birth control. Have a look at the little guy holding his mother’s IUD seconds after being born.

First, the simple fact that he was conceived despite his mother having an Intra-uterine device implant defied most odds. Then, the picture of him clutching the device in his fist afterward as a trophy went viral, as some kind of warning to all non-expectant mothers!

Baby Dexter Tyler was born on April 27th at the very healthy weight of 9 pounds 1 ounce. Doctors had told his mother Lucy Hellein that it would be “nearly impossible” for her to get pregnant while using the Mirena IUD.

After giving birth, Hellein placed the Mirena in Dexter’s hand for a quick pic, and a playful joke aimed at her doctor, with the hashtags #mirenababy, #mirenafail, #littlejedi and #blessing.

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