Federal Judge Sets 33 New Yaz Lawsuits for Trial in 2015

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

With nearly $2 billion spent so far by German drug giant Bayer to settle Yaz blood clot lawsuits, it may come as a surprise that not one case has reached a jury decision. That could change this year as a new class of unresolved claims are being scheduled for trial.

In 2009, litigation got underway as a small number of lawsuits alleging Yaz blood clot injuries were consolidated to a dedicated federal court in Illinois. Since then, over 13,000 claims have been filed.

But in early 2012, rather than face the start of trials or the public attention that would come with them, Bayer chose to start settling cases. They’ve now resolved nearly 9,000 cases involving claims of pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis and gallbladder disease from Yaz and Yasmin.

Unfortunately, however, Bayer has so far refused to settle thousands of other claims, including those for arterial blood clots and many alleging infant heart defects.

Now, Judge David Herndon, who manages the federal litigation, has selected a sample set of 33 cases representing the claims Bayer refused to settle, and scheduled them to begin trials as early as May of 2015.

Judge Herndon entered the Trial Selection Order on December 5th, and preparations are already underway. However, Yaz lawyers expect a vicious fight from Bayer, who has threatened to send thousands of cases back to state courts with business-friendly judges instead of compensate more victims.

Yaz lawyers have told DrugNews that they intend to continue fighting until all victims are fairly compensated, and they are still taking certain cases. For more info, or to receive help with your case, contact a patient advocate today.



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