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With over 100,000 FDA reports of side effects, the Mirena litigation is destined to move forward.

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Mirena Lawsuit

Women who’ve suffered vision or hearing problems due to intracranial pressure, or IUD perforation requiring surgery, may be entitled to compensation from a lawsuit. Contact DrugNews today for more information or to speak with a lawyer. 

Although the Mirena IUD has been used in Europe for decades and has been on the U.S. market since 2000, experts have only recently linked it with serious reproductive injuries and vision problems. 

In 2008, the FDA first warned that women may suffer uterine perforation while undergoing procedures to implant their IUD. In 2011, doctors revealed that many needed surgery to remove the devices after they tore through reproductive organs and moved into the abdomen.

This year, reports have linked the hormone levonorgestrel used in Mirena to a rare cranial pressure disorder called pseudotumor cerebri (PTC). This can cause blindness, migraines and hearing loss. 

The first Mirena lawsuit was filed in late-2011 by a woman who claimed she had to undergo a hysterectomy to remove her IUD due to perforation of her reproductive organs. 

Since then, hundreds of lawsuits have followed in a New Jersey state court and New York federal court for IUD perforation injuries.

This year, several lawsuits have also been filed by women who suffered vision loss due to Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension. Due to the growing volume, a federal panel has convened to centralize these cases in one special court. 

For now, these lawsuits are still in the evidence-gathering phases and there has not yet been a verdict or settlement. However, lawyers expect trials to begin soon, and are helping those affected file claims. 

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Who Can File A Mirena Lawsuit?

Lawyers are currently filing lawsuits for women who required abdominal surgery to remove a Mirena IUD due to uterine perforation, as well as those who suffered vision loss, hearing problems or migraines due to the intracranial hypertension condition PTC. 

In most cases, an injury must have occurred a certain time after the device was implanted in order to qualify. Also, the patient must attend follow-up visits with their doctor to confirm the IUD was properly fitted after implantation. 

Depending on where you live, you may only have a limited amount of time to file a Mirena lawsuit after your injury occurs. Therefore, it is important to talk with a lawyer as soon as possible. 

At this time, DrugNews is only aware of lawsuits being filed in the United States for these injuries. 

Fortunately, it costs nothing to speak with a lawyer, investigate your case or file a lawsuit unless you receive a verdict award or settlement. 

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Is There a Mirena Class Action Lawsuit?

At this time, there is no Mirena class action lawsuit. Instead, cases have been filed in several state and federal courts, with many being consolidated under one judge for more efficient handling. Often, this is more beneficial for those injured.

On April 18, 2013 the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation created a special court to address lawsuits for Mirena IUD perforation injuries. The case is known as: In Re: Mirena IUD Products Liability Litigation, MDL No. 2434, in the New York Southern District federal court. 

All Mirena perforation lawsuits filed in federal courts around the country are now consolidated in this MDL court, under the supervision of U.S. District Judge Cathy Seibel. There are currently over 600 lawsuits pending. 

In addition, several new lawsuits have been filed for women who suffered injuries related to the intracranial hypertension disorder PTC while taking Mirena. The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation has scheduled a hearing to decide if these growing cases will be consolidated to a new Mirena MDL court as well. 

For information on how to file a Mirena lawsuit for either blindness or uterine perforation in one of these courts, contact us today to speak with a lawyer. 

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Is There a Mirena Settlement?

At this time, lawsuits for Mirena perforation and hypertension injuries are in the early phases of evidence gathering, with the first trial expected to begin in late 2015. So far, there has been no settlement of a Mirena lawsuit. 

However, lawyers expect that once these cases near the trial process or have returned the first verdict, parties will begin settlement negotiations. 

With over 700 cases currently pending in courts around the country, it is likely that Bayer will attempt to reach a Mirena settlement rather than endure the cost of long-term litigation. 

DrugNews will continue to track the progress of any Mirena settlement negotiations and provide frequent updates. 

Mirena Lawyers Specializing In IUD Injury Cases

Lawsuits for defective drug and medical device injuries usually require complex litigation in several different court venues and with varying rules of procedure and evidence. They also involve extensive gathering of medical evidence, and securing the testimony of medical and research experts.

If you are considering a lawsuit for injuries caused by an IUD, it is important to speak with a Mirena lawyer that is familiar with this litigation process and has experience fighting against powerful drug companies. 

DrugNews only recommends lawyers that have handled numerous Mirena IUD lawsuits. 

Contact us today for more information, Mirena legal news, or to speak with a lawyer. 

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