Actos Lawsuits

The maker of Actos has agreed to pay up to $2.4 Billion to those diagnosed with Bladder Cancer.

Studies show as much as an 83 percent increase in the risk of developing bladder cancer.

actos bladder cancer lawsuit

Actos Lawsuit Settlement

Actos was once the most popular medication available to treat type-2 diabetes. However, health experts have found that using the drug for long periods of time may cause as much as an 83 percent increase in the risk of developing bladder cancer.  Regulators have banned Actos in France and Germany; and the FDA has added strict warnings in the United States.

In recent years, more than 8,000 patients diagnosed with bladder cancer filed lawsuits against the maker of the drug, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, for failing to warn of the risks. Now, the company has agreed to pay as much as $2.4 billion to settle these claims.            

Lawyers are helping complete this settlement, as well as filing new claims for those who have not yet received compensation. They can discuss your case at no cost to see if it qualifies and explain the litigation process. The time to file an Actos lawsuit is limited however by a statute of limitations, so it is important to get help soon.

Who can file an Actos lawsuit?

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with bladder cancer while taking Actos, now or in the past, you may qualify to be a part of the ongoing lawsuit. You may also be entitled to substantial compensation.

Researchers in Europe, Canada, and the United States have warned of studies showing an increased risk for bladder cancer among patients who took Actos for more than a year. Researchers at McGill University in Montreal proposed that long-term use of Actos may contribute to the development of bladder cancer. Experts fear that up to 10,000 patients may be affected by Actos bladder cancer.

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Bladder Cancer Risk Factors

Risk factors also include smoking, being a male, and being a caucasian. Exposure to certain chemicals can also be a risk factor.

Bladder Cancer Symptoms

Bladder cancer usually begins in the cells that line the bladder, causing them to grow abnormally. The cells can develop mutations that cause them to grow out of control and form a tumor. In early stages, this tumor can usually be removed. However, even early stage bladder cancer must be monitored closely, as it tends to recur. Consequently, bladder cancer survivors often undergo follow-up tests for possible recurrence for years after treatment.

Common symptoms of  bladder cancer:

  • Frequent or painful urination
  • Blood in urine
  • Discoloration of urine
  • Back pain
  • Abdominal pain.

If you have been taking Actos and have any of these symptoms, it is important to inform your doctor right away. If it has been determined that you have bladder cancer, you may be eligible for significant compensation from the drug manufacturer Takeda Pharmaceuticals.

Claim Information

Actos has settled for $2.4 billion. Currently there are no firms accepting new Actos bladder cancer cases. If the litigation does reopen, DrugNews will report on it immediately.

Actos Class Action Lawsuit

Many of the cases have been consolidated and moved to a central federal court, but they are not joined together in a class action lawsuit.

Actos patients who have developed bladder cancer have significant, ongoing problems with such severe and varied damages that it is best to file these cases individually. Individual lawsuits often result in much higher settlement amounts.

Multidistrict Litigation Court (MDL) for Actos

In the case of Actos bladder cancer lawsuits, cases were consolidated to an Actos multidistrict litigation (MDL) court in the Western District of Louisiana under the Honorable Rebecca F. Doherty.

A total of 11 civil actions were transfered alleging that individuals using Actos have a higher risk of developing bladder cancer.

Approximate Case Value
$2.4 billion
2015 Actos Settlement

How Much are Actos Cases Worth?

While the initial settlement from Takeda Pharmaceuticals is $2.37 billion, the company has pledged more if additional patients join in.

With more than 8,000 claims currently filed, the average settlement amount is close to $300,000 per victim. However, this may be greater or less for each person depending on their specific diagnosis, past treatment, future medical costs and suffering.

Lawsuits against large drug companies require adequate resources and experienced legal teams. Defective drug injuries also present complex cases that not every attorney can handle. It is important to select a law firm with experience in these types of cases and that can match the intense efforts of a powerful drug company.

DrugNews can provide more information on the claim process and compensation available. We can also connect you with a qualified lawyer within minutes. Simply call or email us today.

Finding an Actos Lawyer

Defective drug lawsuits can be very complex, and are often different than normal personal injury or medical malpractice cases. For this reason, it is important to find an Actos lawyer who specializes in this type of claim.

Lawyers are still taking cases of patients who have used Actos and later developed bladder cancer or other severe side effects. However, the time to file is limited by your state's statute of limitations. Attorneys can review your records to see if you meet the qualifications necessary to prove liability of the manufacturer.

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with bladder cancer while taking Actos, now or in the past, it is important that you speak to a qualified attorney.

The DrugNews Center encourages victims to seek lawyers with the experience and resources required for complex defective drug litigation, and only recommends law firms that are experienced with lawsuits against the manufacturer of Actos.

For more information on the research, side effects, and litigation related to Actos and other drugs, or to speak to a lawyer, contact us today. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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