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Yaz & Yasmin Side Effects

Yaz and Yasmin are popular birth control pills prescribed to over 100 million women. They became widely used after Bayer marketed them as safe birth control alternatives with limited PMS (premenstrual syndrome), bloating, and acne, compared to traditional oral contraceptives.

Yaz and Yasmin are considered fourth-generation birth controls, and are classified as Combination Oral Contraceptives containing estrogen and progestin to prevent ovulation and pregnancy.

However, the type of progestin used in Yaz and Yasmin – a synthetic hormone called drospirenone – has posed safety concerns. 

yaz side effectsEarly testing revealed side effects of Yaz such as high blood pressure, liver disruption, allergic reactions, upper respiratory infections, headaches, yeast infections, irregular non-menstrual bleeding, stomach cramps, hair loss and weight gain. These side effects are common to birth control pills.

In recent years, researchers have found that drospirenone may cause more severe Yaz side effects.  In studies, drospirenone has been shown to raise levels of potassium in the blood, which increases the risk of blood clots and blood clot-related events, including:

So far, Bayer has settled approximately 9,000 blood clot injury claims filed by Yaz and Yasmin patients. If you or a loved one have been affected, it is important to speak with a lawyer about the compensation available from a Yaz settlement. Contact us today.

Yaz Blood Clot Side Effects

Yaz blood clot warnings have been issued by leading medical groups such as the Institute for Safe Medication Practices, FDA, British Medical Journal and New England Journal of Medicine.

The FDA has revealed that among women taking Yaz, there have been over 22,000 reports of adverse events -- including 3,509 reports of pulmonary embolism and 2,847 of deep vein thrombosis.

Women taking Yasmin have reported nearly 18,000 adverse events – including 2,297 reports of pulmonary embolism and 1,953 reports of DVT. Thousands of those affected by serious Yaz side effects have filed lawsuits against Bayer for their injuries.

According to Bayer’s latest financial report, they have spent nearly $1.75 billion to settle claims alleging side effects from Yaz or Yasmin, at an average of more than $200,000 per case. They also stated they will continue to review new lawsuits involving blood clots, DVT, pulmonary embolism and stroke.

If you or a loved one have been affected by Yasmin or Yaz side effects related to blood clots, a lawyer can explain the process of filing a lawsuit, what compensation is available and how much time you have to file a claim. It is important to speak with a lawyer quickly as the time to recover is limited.

Due to the complexity and specialized nature of these cases, the DrugNews Center only recommends lawyers who have already settled Yaz lawsuits.

For more information on the side effects or legal action involving Yaz, or to speak with a lawyer, contact us today. We are available 24 hours a day to provide help.