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Mirena Recall Information

In recent decades, many women have turned to long-term contraceptive methods like the Mirena IUD from Bayer.  Due to its low failure rate, and effectiveness for up to five years, it has become a convenient alternative for more than 15 million women worldwide.

Unfortunately, the FDA has received more than 45,000 reports of women suffering serious complications while using the Mirena IUD, and nearly 1,000 women have filed lawsuits alleging injury. These reported side effects include uterine peforation, intracranial hypertension, PTC and vision problems.

For many women, the side effects are so severe they must undergo surgery to remove the device or implant shunts to relieve headaches. Some have also become infertile. Despite these complications, the FDA has not yet issued a Mirena recall.

Since Bayer failed to properly warn patients of many of these serious risks, and has not issued a recall, they face liability to those injured. Already, lawyers have helped more than 1,000 women file claims in special federal and state courts, and claims continue to grow.

If you or a family member suffered complications caused by a Mirena IUD device, it is your right to learn about your legal options. Contact us today to speak with a lawyer.

The FDA previously reprimanded Bayer for failing to disclose safety risks of Mirena in their marketing. However, the agency has not yet issued a Mirena recall. Experts fear that without regulation, many more women will suffer injury.

If you or a loved one have suffered uterine perforation requiring surgery, or PTC/intracranial hypertension after using Mirena, a lawyer can discuss your case today. They can explain the legal process, advise whether your case qualifies, and let you know how long you have to take action, all at no cost.

DrugNews only recommends lawyers and firms that have handled numerous Mirena lawsuits.

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