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Attorneys are currently helping Risperdal and Abilify victims who have suffered side effects.

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Although Risperdal was designed to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and autism, Johnson & Johnson reportedly encouraged doctors to prescribe it for the unapproved treatment of ADHD in children, resulting in hundreds of thousands of prescriptions. The company has been fined over $1.2 billion for this alleged false marketing. Now, the company faces a new kind of lawsuit from thousands of patients, due to severe side effects like abnormal male breast growth and juvenile diabetes. Records show that Johnson & Johnson knew of these severe side effects but did not properly warn patients.

Attorneys have already helped nearly 500 Risperdal patients file lawsuits against the manufacturer. However, Johnson & Johnson has not admitted any fault.

Since the FDA has not issued a recall for the drug, compensation from litigation is among the few sources of help available.

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Who Can File a Risperdal Lawsuit?

Anyone who developed severe side effects after taking the drug can file a lawsuit. Risperdal's severe side effects:

  • Hyperprolactinemia
  • Feminization
  • Abnormal breast growth
  • Juvenile diabetes (type 2 diabetes)

Lawyers are now helping those affected by these and other severe side effects related to Risperdal use seek compensation for their damages. 

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Is There a Risperdal Class Action Lawsuit?

Currently, there is no class action lawsuit. However, with awareness growing, experts believe that the increasing number of cases may eventually be consolidated to a special federal multidistrict court. So far, nearly 500 families affected by the severe side effects of this drug have filed  Risperdal lawsuits in various state courts around the country.

The first of these lawsuits, which was scheduled for trial last year, involved a 21-year-old male who developed breasts so large that he had to undergo a painful mastectomy surgery. Before the trial began, Johnson & Johnson settled the case for an unpublicized amount. They have now settled all six cases that have reached trial.

If you or a loved one was affected by this drug, it is important to learn about your legal options as soon as possible. A lawyer can discuss your case today and help you seek compensation at no cost to you.

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How Much is a Risperdal Lawsuit Worth?

Each case is unique, so it is difficult to estimate what a single Risperdal lawsuit is worth. However, those who are affected by severe side effects can suffer significant damages that may be reimbursed.

Since the FDA has not issued a recall for the drug and Johnson & Johnson has not admitted any fault, compensation from litigation is among the few sources of help available.

Finding a Risperdal Lawyer

So far, the FDA has not ordered a recall of Risperdal or required that new warnings be posted on the drug's label. However, those affected can seek compensation from the manufacturer for their damages.

Lawyers have already helped hundreds of families affected by Risperdal side effects and are available to discuss your case today. Our legal experts can let you know if you qualify for a claim and how much time is left to take action. They can also provide a Risperdal settlement update and handle your case at no cost unless you recover an award.

However, it is important to choose a lawyer with significant experience in handling such complex cases against large drug companies.

DrugNews only recommends lawyers and law firms that specialize in defective drug litigation and have already handled Risperdal lawsuits.

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