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If you or a family member were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer after using an incretin drug, you may be among the thousands eligible to file a claim against the manufacturer.

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“Love Drugnews and all the great information. The patient advocate I spoke with was knowledgable on the drug I was taking and knew exactly whether or not my side effects qualified to file a claim. It was a very easy phone call and I spoke with my lawyer that very same day.”

- Susan from Madison, WI

“I was diagnosed with bladder cancer after taking Actos but was hesitant to call a lawyer. They helped me choose a firm that specialized in helping victims with my exact problems.”

- Jim from Palm Beach, FL
free case review

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A patient advocate can provide you with the latest Incretin drug warnings from the FDA, update you on the litigation against the manufacturer, and connect you with a lawyer today.

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Multiple U.S. And European studies have linked incretin drug use with significant increases in the risk of pancreatic cancer. Learn more about the symptoms and how to protect yourself.

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Thousands of patients have filed lawsuits against drug companies after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. You may be eligible for compensation.

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It costs nothing to investigate your case or file a claim. And, DrugNews can qualify your case and have you talking to a lawyer in minutes.

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